• Mixture of Topsoil I Leaf Compost

We will load per your ratio in 1 yd increments of each product. (1 yd soil + 1 yd compost = 2 yds need to be ordered)

Please let us know...in delivery instructions, what ratio you would like it.  Its not mixed, it just loaded together...

Delivery of topsoil/ compost is weather dependent, based on weather leading up to delivery (No rain).

Also, you will find small earthly items due the screening process.

The soil is considered Sandy Loam Soil....

Leaf Compost... a great soil amendment, rich in nutrients to promote plant growth. 

This compost isnt fully broken down.....We left it boney, so it can break down, within your garden areas, and gave back for multiple seasons.

Please choose your product carefully. Once Compost l Soil  is delivered, it cannot be moved or exchanged. If placing an order for delivery, please be very clear about the delivery location.  

Mixture of Topsoil I Leaf Compost

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